Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blog again

finally,im puttin another post.but sadly its negative things tat cause me 2 write.2day me and my bro had 2 go 4 an anugerah.we left a little late cuz d teacher was a late.d teacher rushed a bit 2 get there on time.luckily we made it.when we reached we had nothing but dissapointment.all we did was wait and wait and wait.and there was no arganising and in d end v came home early and drained.

Friday, May 16, 2008

the msspk day 2 and 3

we woke up that morning to find the aircond freezing us into icecubes.so i turned off the aircond,went to bathe,change bla bla.but now we discovered a new source of entertainment 1 of my roommate's had a handphone which had a game which looked quite interesting.so we played.3 of us.so the attack button was 5 and we kept pressing 5.now i wonder if mr.handphone will ever be able to call pizza hut.he'll try typing 1300 88 2525 and only 1300 88 22 will come out cuz the 5 key is spoiled.so anyway we ate breakfast then played then lunch etc etc etc.so that night we suffered again.
the next day the teacher asked us to exercise in the morning so we exercised.which was jogging some of the players rested so i thought the session was over so i sat too and the other players saw and sat too.the teacher saw and say'apala lu lari 3 minit saja'well he didnt say that but he said we were tired after 3 minutes.so after that we ran somemore.then ate breakfast then played then lunch then played.while waiting for the night round which was also the last round i and my friend who could play table tennis agreed to bring our bats.so we tried playing
but the table that we were using was so small and we couldnt find a suitable net.so in the end we started hitting the balls at each other.i got hit a few times but it didnt hurt too much cuz i was far enough.somehow the teacher found out about the aircond and was angry we didnt tell him.so he lectured us about being a team and that we should tell him if we have any problems.wow the teachers here are so good other teachers wouldnt care that much.so we were asked to pack our bags while the teachers found another room.but in the end the hotel sent someone to fix the aircond.
we were planning to sleep the latest possible that night.my target was to sleep at 4 o'clock.

the MSSPK day 1

this was the most fun MSSPK i ever had(it's the only MSSPK i had,but it's still fun)it started like normal.i reached there at around 4.30pm and checked into a room.little did we know anything about that room.so anyway after a while i and my brother were joined by a few other players.the room number was quite easy to remember because it's 123.
so me and my roommates were all not very good at chess i was wondering if i could get into the perak team.so anyway we had a game at night.but before that we had dinner and the teacher told us what we should do and what we should not do.so after the round(i don't want to say the result it's too embarrasing)we all went to TRY and sleep.the aircond was hot and was not working properly.so anyway after sometime we all fell asleep.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

latihan pusat

finally,after a bit of confusion the latihan pusat dates r fixed.it'll be on the 12th-15th of may.which happens to be the date of the mid year exams too.but the exams can be replaced for i wouldnt want to take my exams during the tournament.
maybe some people will take their exams during the tournament breaks.then hopefully i play with them.to have unfair advantage.but i dont think that'll work.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the letter

yesterday,i was so excited because i thought i was going to go to ipoh today.but today during recess ,my sis said that the teacher said that we may not be going today.the teacher said it was because the school did not yet receive any letter.

so now i dont know when i will be able to go.what if the letter got mixed up?then the tournament will start and i wont be there.i hope the teacher will say that there was a mistake and can go to ipoh today.after all the last round should be at the end of the day.still plenty of time.

hmm i wonder what will happen.

Monday, May 5, 2008


so im starting on a blog.okay so wat do i write?today is the 5th of may.
just now after eating i went to brush my teeth.thats when i found out i had no more tooth paste.i knew that there was a tube or two in my grandpa'a room.so i went there to look for some.and guess what i found.yup two tubes of toothpaste(or at least what i thought was toothpaste).so i took them both.
when i went to the sink i simply chose one of the tubes.so i put some on my tooth brush,and started brushing.i felt that it tasted a bit strange.it also felt a bit oily.when i looked properly at the tube i realized that i had just brushed my teeth with shaving cream.YUCKS.eww.anyway after school tomorow i have a chess tournament.so i wont need to go to school for the next few days.when i come back i'm sure to have a mountain of homework waiting for me.thats all for today.